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Hello from Boston! I am a wife and mom of five young kiddos (6 and under!)…number five is due mid-March. I’m on bed rest and looking forward to getting this site up and running before baby comes and well, it’ll be much harder to type while nursing! A little background….I started out in my early 20′s not really being able to cook anything to speak of. We still laugh today about my friend Mark going out to get bread for his famous chicken parm dinner and me not wanting to seem useless, so when he came back, he found the frozen chicken breasts I had cluelessly thrown in a pan to cook. I believe his exact words were, “What are you DOIN’ Cris???!!!” When I met and started dating my wonderful husband Matt, I called him Martha Stewart…the guy could cook and clean and do just about everything like nobody’s business. I loved being his sous chef! I’d chop and he’d do the actual cooking and we ate VERY well. And then we left our fabulous life in Dallas and moved to Italy. He started a very intense study program that would take about a decade, seven of those years in Italy. So guess who had to learn to cook! Italy was just the right place to inspire me and get those foodie-in-the-making juices flowing! One thing about living abroad is that, no matter how amazing the food is, you really miss the food from home….so not only did I learn to cook authentic Italian food, but I had to learn to cook Mexican, Chinese, Thai, etc…if I was going to satisfy my cravings for the tastes of home on a student’s budget. So, almost a decade and five children later, we find ourselves in Boston. I am anxious to pass on what I have learned and continue to learn and hear your ideas and faves as well! Let’s make the project of feeding our families well a group effort!


  1. Hi Cristina,

    I took the time to look over the entirety of your blog website and I have to say you did an awesome job! I’m hopeful that soon I will be able to feel like I’m in your kitchen when I start trying some of your recipes. I’ve tasted many of them so I know I’ll like them…but now I have the opportunity to try them myself! Keep the recipes coming and we’ll keep checking for new and wonderful ideas for eating delicious and at the same time, healthy! Good job and may God bless your time and efforts!!

  2. What would I do without your encouragement Mom?! Thanks and love you berry much!!!

  3. Hi Cristina, I made the Asparagus Strata you posted and it was excellent. Allison said its her new favorite breakfast casserole. After making it this is how I would alter the recipe. I would use a dozen eggs, 3 c milk, to one loaf of bread. I also used 3 leeks and 2lbs asparagus for a 9×13 pan. I did not put in the onion but used more leeks.

    Enjoying your website…Joyce

    • cgenung says:

      Hi Joyce, thanks for the feedback. I’m happy you liked the recipe from the website Two Blue Lemons! I’ll try your changes next time I make it. So happy you are enjoying the website! Hopefully I’ll have more time to add recipes now that things are starting to settle down at home. 🙂

  4. Karen Trujillo says:

    Ok cousin. I am ready to start making some of these recipes! I miss visiting with you over Facebook, so here’s my new way of connecting. I can’t wait. I boil water beautifully, you wouldn’t believe it! So, now I know not to cook frozen chicken and we’ll see what else I learn. So much love to you. Big hug!

    • Cita Cruz says:

      Hi Cousins! I just join today and already I’ve seen several recipes I want to try. I have a few of my own that I could share from the island of Guam. I’ll get them together and send them to you. Great website!!!! Much love to you!

      • Pacita, I can’t believe it’s you!! Your mom and dad told me all about you and I’m so happy you’re doing so well! I’d love to try some of your recipes..I hear you’re a pro! I’ll email you my personal address. Enjoy the website and we HAVE to meet up some time! Much love!

      • Karen Trujillo says:

        My Cita! Yes, do share recipes. I still make your yummy potato salad ALL the time. It’s my guilty pleasure, as we’re working on eating strictly primal. But, there isn’t a person on this earth that can keep me from that potato salad. I am so glad to have you both on this site. It’s like a reunion. I love you so, Cita. Big hug. I look forward to finding recipes so I can have love from both of you in my kitchen!

    • Karen! I’ve been wanting to write you back all week but life has been madness! I’m SOOOO happy to reconnect with you…I’ve missed my Facebook buddy! I hope you enjoy the recipes! Don’t forget to check out the Cooking Essentials section for great tips on cooking and also getting organized for the whole ‘family meals’ endeavor! Love you bunches and miss you!

      • Karen Trujillo says:

        Not to worry! I know you’ve been traveling. I will check out the Essentials page and plug in. Most of my cooking and baking are Paleo/Primal, so I’m looking forward to modifying when necessary. But, there are so many lovely recipes that I am certain I will feel the love coming through! Love you so, and can’t wait to get cookin’! We’ve also got hungry men folk to keep fed when it’s the hubby’s turn to cook at the firehouse. Looks like I’ve found just the spot for trying out some new gorgeous plates. Big hug. K

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