Pantry Staples

Pantry staples are food items you’ll want to make sure to always have handy in your pantry. Why? Because whether you are following your menu for the week or pulling something together at the last minute, you will need one or more of these items. They won’t spoil and you’ll use them eventually. Again, the goal is less trips to the supermarket!

  • dry herbs: thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, oregano, basil
  • spices: garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, curry powder, turmeric, saffron
  • kosher salt & iodized salt
  • ground pepper
  • chicken bullion cubes (Star or Knorr)
  • beef bullion
  • chicken broth/stock
  • beef broth/stock
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • corn starch
  • flour
  • sugar
  • brown sugar
  • variety of pastas, short and long
  • your favorite jarred pasta sauce
  • jar of pesto
  • various types of beans (garbanzo, cannellini, kidney, etc)
  • good olive oil

For those of you who like to make stir-fries and other Asian dishes or would like to try, these are your pantry staples:

  • soy sauce
  • oyster sauce
  • srirachia sauce (Vietnamese)
  • black bean garlic sauce
  • toasted sesame seeds

(Even the black bean sauce takes a long time to spoil in your pantry but you can refrigerate it once it’s open to be safe.)


  1. LOVE that you put this site up!

  2. cgenung says:

    Thanks Billy! Email me if you have any suggestions!

  3. Ashlee C. says:

    My favorite part of this website is the Pantry Staples!!! I never know what to have on hand. Can’t wait to get started!!!

    • Hi Ashley! So happy that you find the Pantry Staples section useful! I should revisit the list and make sure I’ve covered it all. Let me know if there’s anything else that would be helpful to see on here and I’ll get on it! Hugs!!

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